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Leader Development Opportunities for Congregations

Leader Development Opportunities for Congregations 
offered by Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr., Regional Minister and President

Transformation Conversations
Dr. Sullivan listens to congregants describe their congregation’s hopes and aspirations, and then provides feedback and ideas for transformation.
Time: Two hours, weekdays and weekends
Elders and Deacons Retreats
Lifting up the biblical basis for the holy office of elder and deacon, Dr. Sullivan works to strengthen the transformative leadership and service of these officers.
Time: 10-3 on Saturdays.
Spiritual Retreats for Church Leaders
During these retreats, Dr. Sullivan helps church leaders grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus Christ as they provide leadership and service through which God transforms their congregations.
Time: 10-3 on Saturdays.

Visioning Workshops
Dr. Sullivan seeks to help church leaders claim God’s vision and mission, and move from being worship/fellowship focused into being vision/mission focused. He then works with leaders to establish vision-enabling board and committee/ministry team structures and policies.
Time: 10-3 Saturdays. Additional work will follow.

Building a Better Board
In this day-long workshop, Dr. Sullivan lays out ideas and resources designed to help congregational boards become more faithful and effective in helping staff and volunteers carry out the church’s vision and mission. Time will be spent on the relationship between vision and the operation of the church.
Time: 10-3 on Saturdays.

Evangelism and Social Justice
In this workshop, Dr. Sullivan unites and explains two historic Christian ministry directions: Bringing people of no faith to faith in Jesus; AND Working to dislodge systems of brokenness and injustice. Congregants will emerge with clarity about how and why their congregations can engage in these important ministries.
Time: Two hours on weekdays; Four hours on weekends.

Understanding and Funding the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Dr. Sullivan will help congregants possess a clearer understanding of who we are as Disciples, how we touch lives the name of Christ in the PA Region and the whole denomination, and how we are funded through congregational gifts to the Disciples Mission Fund and Special Day Offerings (Reconciliation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, and Week of Compassion). Attention will also be giving to the PA Region’s Annual Fund.
Time: Two hours, weekdays and weekends.

To arrange for Dr. Sullivan to conduct these workshops and retreats in your congregation, please contact the Regional Office at 724-834-5023. These ministries are supported by prayer and your congregation’s generous giving to the Disciples Mission Fund. Please continue to give to the Disciples Mission Fund!